Corporate Governance

Shareholder Communications with the Board

Shareholders who wish to send communications to the Board or any individual directors may do so by writing to the Board of Directors in care of Corporate Secretary, BlueLinx Holdings Inc., 1950 Spectrum Circle, Suite 300, Marietta, Georgia 30067. Your letter should indicate that you are a shareholder. Depending on the subject matter, our Corporate Secretary will:

  • forward the communication to the director to whom it is addressed or, in the case of communications addressed to the Board generally, to the Chairman;
  • attempt to handle the inquiry directly where it is a request for information about the company; or
  • not forward the communication if it is primarily commercial in nature or if it relates to an improper topic.

Complaints or concerns relating to financial and accounting methods, internal accounting controls or auditing matters should be addressed to the Chairman of the Audit Committee in care of Corporate Secretary at the address specified above.

All communications will be summarized for the Board on a periodic basis and each letter will be made available to any director upon request.